Epoxy Painting

Epoxy Painting Brooklyn Manhattan Queens

An Epoxy floor is strong and can endure much wear and tear in the home or business. Color Divine Painting will renew and guard your basement and garage flooring with a long-lasting foundation and pour in an even, smooth epoxy coating in a color variety you love to create a glistening finish.

Epoxy Painting: Additional Benefits

Epoxy painting is not just for a showcase, we can also inject it to seal up cracks and structural problems in your floor created by water damage and prevent more water from seeping in. It is the most reliable and durable choice for commercial and industrial flooring. Once applied over concrete floors, Epoxy creates a smooth and rigid surface that withstands heavy loads and traffic for many years.

Epoxy use extends beyond basements and garages. Restaurants, bistros, and bars use it for tables and bar tops to showcase a clean, polished establishment. Epoxy shine can brighten a room by 200%. Homeowners looking to change their dull floors use Epoxy to showcase durable, decorative liquid metal or lava designs in their kitchens and living rooms. It’s easy to wipe clean and resistant to oil stains, chemicals, and spills.

Our professionals at Color Divine Painting successfully service the outer boroughs – Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, including Long Island.